A small Pre-School where we teach our children social & life skills in a relaxed, safe & homely environment & where we reach out to every child as an individual.

We love to do what we do best ….. we believe in every child, we educate & we inspire our young ones to ensure that they reach their full potential socially, emotionally, physically & academically.

Every child is recognised as a unique individual & a competent learner with the ability to be confident & self-assured.

Each child is different as God has made each one of us unique.  Children develop & learn in different ways at different times.

It is however important to teach our children to be independent & strong.  We must equip them with the wings to fly.  They need to learn to cope with the tasks & challenges & the reality of future & formal learning with the right attitude, ethical as well as moral principles.

We are an affordable pre-school & we pride ourselves on serving good hearty balanced meals & ensure that our facility is hygienic, safe & welcoming to children as well as parents.

Our staff are caring individuals who has a calling to teach & nurture.  Teaching cannot be taught, it must come from the HEART.

At the end of a day it is knowing that we touched many lives & that we will leave good memories in each child’s life who attends Genesis Academy.

Be Blessed

Genesis Academy  <3